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Asian wedding ceremonies are the most glorious and exciting wedding events in the whole world. The unique feature of an Asian wedding is that their ceremony is very rich and there are many rituals that would take place during the wedding ceremony. Most of the Asian weddings involve long celebrations and they would even start weeks before the actual day of marriage. If you choose an Asian type of wedding ceremony for your marriage, then you can be sure that it would be the most memorable day in your life.

In America there are people from different Asian countries. There are Koreans, Chinese, Indians, Japanese, Vietnamese etc. Each one of these communities have their own culture which is unique and different from other countries. If you really want an Asian wedding ceremony and reception then there are many things that you should consider before setting out.

Each country has their own food habits. We might think that all Asian countries would be having the same food habits. This is not true as each country do have their unique type of foods. In a wedding, there would be always some prescribed foods which are mostly served. Most of these are luxurious foods and some of them are specially made only during the marriages. In a Japanese wedding, the menu served is red rice, kelp and sea bream which is a Japanese fish which indicates happiness. This fish is served for weddings as it is a day of happiness. The beverage served for the ceremony is sake or rice wine.

The Chinese are known for the phonetics that they play with certain words. For e.g., in Chinese, the word apple means, “go safely”. In most Chinese weddings a fat Choy is served which means “be prosperous”. The beverage served for the wedding is Lotus-seed tea. In Korea also the food served for the wedding does have some meaning. They serve noodles called Kuk soo for the wedding which symbolizes long life. Suppose if you have a Korean friend and you are interested in knowing whether he is married or not, you can ask him, "Kuk soo mo-gus-soy-oh?" which when translated to Korean language means “haven’t you eaten the noodles yet”.
Asia is a continent of different religions. You can find all the religions in the world among the Asian communities. In fact Asia is even considered as the birth place of many religions which are widely followed all across the world. Some of the major religions practiced in Asia are Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Taoist, Moslem etc. All these religions do have their own rituals at the time of marriage. So it would be better if you do some research before actually deciding on an Asian wedding ceremony and reception.

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