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Planning and organising Asian weddings can be a complex exercise in logistics that requires great organisational capability, never ending patience, sound negotiation skills and bucket loads of charm and tact.  But as a career, it can also be incredibly rewarding to help two people plan and execute their perfect day, one that they might have been dreaming about for months or even years...  A big responsibility maybe, but the satisfaction of seeing it all come together and run smoothly as planned makes the hard work worthwhile.  And from the first tentative discussions to the moment you wave the happy couple off on their honeymoon, no two days in the wedding planner’s diary are ever the same.

So could it be the career for you?

Skills need to be learned...

Nobody was born a wedding planner – that much is clear.  So how do you become one?  Whether you simply want to acquire the skills to plan your own wedding or you want to make a career out of it, the best way to hone your talent is to go on a Wedding Planner Course.  Learning from the experts and benefiting from their years of experience is your shortcut to gaining the skills you’ll need to stage the perfect wedding – from identifying the appropriate venue to awarding the catering contract to negotiating with the legion of contractors whose various services all need to mesh together for the day to succeed.

Without the skills and knowledge that a course will give you, not only will you be making life difficult for yourself but you could end up making costly and embarrassing mistakes.  Why take the risk over something so important?

Learn how to do it from the best in the business

With more than 10 years’ experience in Asian wedding planning, OccAsianZ has been responsible for literally hundreds of Asian weddings all over the UK – from the most intimate of registry office celebrations to grand country house affairs spanning several days with hundreds of guests.  When it comes to Asian weddings, you could say we’ve seen it all...

And when it comes to running Wedding Planner Courses, we’re also the most experienced and we offer the widest range of courses available.  Whether  you’re simply looking to help plan a family wedding as a one off, or if you’re thinking about making a career as a professional wedding planner, OccAsianZ offers the most comprehensive courses available,


Don’t hesitate – sign up for an OccAsianZ Wedding Planning Course today and open the door on a new career tomorrow...


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