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Asian Wedding Coordinator On the Day...

In some ways a large wedding is like a major stage production: it definitely needs a skilled director behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly and according to plan.  And if it’s your special day that responsibility certainly shouldn’t fall to you.  You should be able to relax and enjoy every moment, confident in the knowledge that there’s someone else to handle any minor problems that arise and keeping things on track.

That’s when On-The-Day Event Management comes into its own.  With an experienced OccAsianZ Event Manager in the background, your wedding will be steered by a safe pair of hands.  Even if we haven’t planned your wedding for you, we can still run it for you on the day according to your own Wedding Day Schedule, freeing you from the logistics to enjoy the event and the company of your family and guests.

On-The-Day: What to Expect...

It’s your wedding and, of course, you’ll still be in control of it.  But sometimes it’s good to hand over the boring bits to a professional.  Where can the photographer leave his stuff?  We’ve got it.  Is it time for the guests to be seated?  We’re running on schedule.  Can someone book Auntie a taxi?  No problem...  Everything can be dealt with quickly and efficiently by your Event Manager.

If you are using On-The-Day Event Management as a stand alone service, then your allocated Manager will schedule a meeting with you three to six weeks prior to the wedding to go through the schedule.  At this point you will discuss all the details, including which suppliers you are using and what each one will be contributing, at which point during the day.  If there are loose ends to be tied up at this stage, we can assist you and your Event Manager will draw up a master schedule with all the contact details and timings that he or she needs.

From this point on the Event Manager will liaise with the venue and key suppliers to ensure that everyone knows what is expected of them in the lead up to and on the big day.  So from this moment on, you can relax: our Event Managers are highly experienced at orchestrating even the most large and complex weddings, leaving you free to enjoy every single moment, stress free.

Your Event Manager will:

  • Liaise with suppliers to ensure that they know when and where they are expected
  • Greet suppliers and direct them as they arrive at the venue
  • Review guest numbers, the seating plan and floor arrangement with the catering manager
  • Instruct suppliers as to where and when to set up
  • Supervise hostesses, bar staff and waiting staff, checking that they are appropriately attired and know what’s expected of them
  • Maintain the schedule for the day and co-ordinate each element such as the bride and groom’s entrance, photography, cutting the cake, the first dance and the timing and running order for the speeches and toasts
  • Assist and run errands for the bride and groom
  • Handle any queries or problems that arise with suppliers
  • Make sure that any accommodation booked at the venue is ready and available when needed
  • Ensure the security of wedding presents and personal belongings and see that they are transferred where required at the end of the event
  • Organise transportation for guests as they leave, if required
  • Settle the balance with suppliers and venue
  • Supervise suppliers packing up and their departure from the venue
  • If you are interested in our On-The-Day Event Management services


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