Destination Weddings

Brides and beaches...

There’s always been a tradition of picking somewhere glamorous for your honeymoon, but more and more Asian couples are now choosing to celebrate their marriage in a far-flung destination as well.  Just picture the scene: a pristine white beach fringed by palms, the gentle sound of the waves lapping the sand, a flower-decked arbour... nothing could be more romantic.  This is simply the most magical way to exchange your vows.

But of course, organising a wedding in a foreign country takes even more precision planning than if your hold your wedding here.  There’s an additional layer of bureaucracy to deal with – visas, passports, permissions – and, depending on the destination you choose, there might be a language barrier to overcome as well.

This is where OccAsianZ can come to the rescue.  Our Event Managers have experience in planning and organising weddings in more than 150 stunning locations all over the globe.  From a simple, intimate ceremony on the beach to a spectacular event in an ancient palace, our overseas wedding planners will take your dream and conjure up the reality.  We can offer you either a total wedding package to our most popular destinations or a bespoke service for a completely unique and special wedding.  We will arrange the travel and accommodation for you and your guests, book the ceremony and reception and secure any other local services you are looking for.

Where in the world shall we get married?

We can arrange Asian weddings in the following destinations:

  • The Caribbean – beautiful emerald islands in an azure sea, palm trees swaying in a warm breeze, a steel drum playing in the background...
  • India – mysterious and magical, a riot of sound and colour, and perhaps that feeling of visiting home.
  • Indian Ocean islands – an intimate bare-foot wedding and a secluded honeymoon for just the two of you
  • Asia – the most exciting destinations for a wedding that’s stylish and unique
  • The Middle East – luxury and opulence in breathtaking settings
  • USA and Canada – from celebrity style in LA to a classic wedding chapel in Vegas, the perfect place for your sense of adventure
  • Africa – the beauty of nature on a grand scale will make the perfect backdrop for your wedding
  • Australia – winter sun, amazing beaches and plenty of fun here
  • South Pacific – the most exotic islands make perfect wedding destinations
  • Europe – romantic cities like Paris or Venice, beautiful Italian lakes and soaring mountains, Mediterranean beaches... so much to choose from.

If you have a particular destination in mind, request a consultation with OccAsianZ today – or if you haven’t decided yet, just remember, the world is your oyster and we can take you there!

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