Why Use OccAsianZ

Forget the stress, hire the best...

At OccAsianZ we know and understand how much hard work and preparation goes into planning a wedding, even the smallest and simplest of weddings can be stressful to prepare for.  The whole experiencing can be overwhelming when you’re making so many decisions, and probably all at once, about one of the most significant days’ of your life.  Some of the decisions that you need to make may seem simple and straightforward at first but when stress kicks in it’s another story.  But hey, you can alleviate the stress, pressure and all other negative aspects associated with planning a wedding by appointing an OccAsianZ event manager to take care of it all.

All of our Asian wedding planners are highly experienced and passionate about helping you to transform your dream wedding into a reality, providing you with some valuable tips and words of wisdom along the way.

With our industry knowledge and a portfolio of highly skilled suppliers, OccAsianZ are certain to deliver the very best in event management.  We have saved so many couples over the years from making costly mistakes.  Being highly respected within the industry means that we have suppliers wanting to be associated with us therefore allowing us to obtain exclusive rates from them, which we are able to pass onto you.

The OccAsianZ event management team are a fantastic bunch of listeners – we want to hear from you about what you want for your big day.  We will not impose anything on you and will only go with whatever makes you comfortable and happy.  However, if it’s ideas and suggestions you are after then we are full of them too.

If you would like our help, please contact us.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised just how much time, money and effort you could save by assigning an OccAsianZ event manager to the task of planning your wedding.

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