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Asian Wedding Supplier Search and Liaison

Still looking for that special someone?

Even if you’ve found the person you’re going to marry, you’re probably still hunting for the perfect photographer, the best florist, the funkiest DJ and the most delicious food.  There are so many elements of your wedding that still need to be sourced and, of course, you want the best of everything, including the price.

This is where OccAsianZ can step in and help.  Our address book is bulging with the name and contact details of a multitude of reputable suppliers, some of whom we have worked with for years, some of whom are wonderful new discoveries.  Whatever you’re looking for, from a classic cake to traditional dancers to a juggling clown, we know just the person...

Our Asian Wedding Supplier Search & Liaison Service...

Our Event Managers are professional Asian wedding planners – it’s what they do, all day, every day – so when it comes to knowing who to turn to, they’re going to have a head start.   Whether you’re looking for a videographer or a stationery designer, you’re probably starting from scratch.  You’ll have to find several, assess their service, make a short list, negotiate the price... it’s a lot of leg work, especially when you think how many suppliers might be involved in one way or another.  And, unless you have a personal recommendation from either friends or family, how are you going to judge their quality?

Our Supplier Search & Liaison Service will save you time, money and the potential for a disastrous error.  We will only suggest to you suppliers whom we know and trust; it’s not just any old provider that makes it onto our database.  We will talk to you about our exact requirements and then come up with a shortlist of suitable candidates for each of your supplier searches.  Once you have selected the supplier you want to use, we can negotiate on your behalf and continue to liaise with them right up until the day of the wedding.

In this way, not only are you saved the legwork of going round an endless list of unknown suppliers, but you can also feel confident that the suppliers we have put forward for you are the best in the business.  And anything that reduces the stress levels in the run up to the big day has to be a good thing.

Our Asian Wedding Supplier Search & Liaison Package...

If you are interested in OccAsianZ taking on the supplier search and liaison for all of the elements of your wedding, this package will be ideal.  Hand over the whole business to us and we’ll keep your headaches to a minimum!

The package includes:

  • Supplier search based on your detailed requirements
  • Independent and impartial advice from our professional and highly experienced Event Managers
  • We can arrange visits to shortlisted candidates
  • We will negotiate special rates with suppliers on your behalf
  • Your Event Manager will manage and negotiate the contract
  • Act as your supplier liaison in the run up to your fabulous wedding

Request a FREE consultation with one of our Event Managers today if you want to find out more about choosing the perfect suppliers for your Asian Wedding or Event.

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