Venue Management

Bring our skills to your venue...

If you have the ideal venue for holding Asian weddings but lack the in-house expertise to promote and manage such large-scale specialist events, OccAsianZ can bridge that gap.  Our Venue Management service will build your profile in the Asian wedding market and we can manage your wedding bookings from initial planning to on-the-day supervision.

With our skills and expertise on board, you will find that your conversion rates are higher – the result of being associated with one of the best-established companies in the Asian wedding industry.  Our reputation will enhance your profile, while our management of your venue will build your reputation.

The stress free option...

We know from long experience that organising someone else’s wedding can be difficult and stressful but it’s also good business.  If you’ve been letting the complexity and ‘headache factor’ keep you out of the Asian wedding market, OccAsianZ will open the door for you by taking on all the logistics of your Asian wedding bookings.  We can put together a range of Asian wedding packages suitable to your venue and then we can use our position in the industry to promote and market these packages.

This service makes an ideal route into the market for:

  • Hotel groups
  • Independent hotels
  • Stately homes and historic buildings
  • Banqueting suites
  • Novelty venues
  • Museums, sporting and educational establishments


We’ll take on the hard work which will allow you to build a profitable sideline in the Asian wedding market.  If you’d be interested in talking to one of our Event Managers about the sort of packages you could offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch

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