Asian Wedding Planners

Asian Wedding Planners

It’s the most important day of your life – so don’t leave it in the hands of an amateur...

When you get married, it will be a magical moment frozen in time – the start of your new life together and the first of your shared memories.  It will also become a treasured recollection for families and friends, and a story to share with your children and grandchildren in the years ahead.

Of course, it’s stating the obvious to say that every bride wishes for the perfect dream wedding, but what most people don’t realise is the massive undertaking involved in planning and running a fabulous Asian wedding.  There are literally hundreds of decisions to be taken – from the major ones like choosing a venue to every minor detail such as the colour of the bridesmaids’ shoes or the flavour of the cake icing.  For an amateur, trying to arrange such a grand event piles on unnecessary stress and the results can be, to say the least, patchy.

Step forward the Asian Wedding Planners

If you appoint a professional Asian wedding planner, you’ll find them to be part genie-in-a-bottle, part angel-in-disguise.  You’ll still be in the driving seat as far as all of the decisions are concerned but you’ll be able to rely upon the breadth of their experience and the depth of their contacts file.  It’s their job to do the leg work as they run around sourcing everything that’s needed and negotiating the best deals.  They will convert your dreams into reality, while sticking to your budget and keeping track of all the pennies and the pounds.

So what can Asian Wedding Planners do for me?

From the earliest decisions about the date and the venue, through every stage of the planning, to the smooth running of the day itself, your wedding planner will be on hand to co-ordinate your plans.  From the start you will be able to choose from a variety of packages, from full wedding planning to on-the-day management to pay-as-you-go services just when you need them.  Most wedding planners can offer a variety of other services such as honeymoon planning, stag and hen night arrangements, mendhi party packages or, in fact, any bespoke services that you might want to add on to your chosen package.  In short, a good Asian Wedding Planner can do it all – you only have to ask.

But what about the cost?

Most people assume that using Asian wedding planners will add substantially to their wedding budget.  After all, a good Asian wedding planner is not giving their time away for free.  However, you may be surprised to discover that using a skilled wedding planner can actually save you money or make your budget stretch further.  Asian wedding planners know the market they operate in and they know exactly how much everything should cost.  No supplier will try to rip off a wedding planner, or they risk losing out on repeat business.  Your Asian wedding planner will be a skilled negotiator and you will reap the benefits of their knowledge and experience.

So make life easy for yourself.  If your first wedding meeting is with a Asian wedding planner, you will have taken out the best insurance there is towards achieving your dream day.  Let them take the strain and you’ll be sure to enjoy the ride!

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