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Asian Weddings Planned to Perfection...

In a business that relies upon experience, long-honed skills and a carefully built up wealth of contacts, OccAsianZ has not only been around the longest but has always been one of the best.  Where we innovate, other wedding planners follow - but none can match an OccAsianZ wedding with our winning combination of style, quality and, dare we say it, a sprinkling of magic...

Our Asian Wedding Planners work hard so you don’t have to...

Think about a beautiful white swan gliding serenely and perfectly through the water – that will be you on your wedding day.  But what you don’t see, beneath the water line, are the furiously paddling feet – that’s us, planning and organising, overseeing and managing in the weeks beforehand and on the big day itself, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and according to plan.

The complexities of organising an Asian wedding should not be underestimated.  With between 300 and 600 honoured guests, a multitude of suppliers and sub-contractors, the caterers and the venue to be sorted out, budgeted for and agreed upon, it’s no wonder that people find it stressful.  Even if family and friends agree to help out, they might not always see things your way and the last thing you want is a family argument over the wedding arrangements.

Instead, it makes sense to use a professional Asian Wedding Planner and, given the range and depth of our experience, OccAsianZ can offer you the reassurance that only a professional can bring to the job.  Your dedicated Asian Wedding Planner will work closely with you to deliver the unique mix of services and resources appropriate to your vision of the perfect wedding.  We source only the very best quality for every aspect of your celebration and given our pre-eminence in the business we can negotiate the keenest prices on your behalf.  We will take your initial concept and build from it to create a unique event that reflects your style, makes the most of your budget and is supremely enjoyable for everyone who attends.

With on-the-day management as well, you can rest assured that the whole event will run smoothly.  Having a professional Asian Wedding Planner to hand to deal with any problems as soon as they arise will allow you to relax and enjoy your special day, stress free.  After all, you want to spend the time with your family and guests, not behind the scenes sorting out logistical matters that don’t need your attention.

Planning Asian Weddings, it’s a job we love...

Organising weddings is what we do for a living and it’s our mission to make every single one unique and special for the bride and groom, and a day to remember for all those who are present.  We measure our success in the bride’s smile: all of our Asian Wedding Planners have a passion for the perfect Asian wedding – and that’s probably why we’re good at it.


Request a FREE consultation with OccAsianZ today and you’ve already taken the first positive step to plan for the most wonderful moment of your life!

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