Asian Wedding Mandaps

The Asian Wedding Mandaps are unique to the land of India. The mandap is the place where the important rituals of marriage take place. These customs and ceremonies are a once in a life time affairs and hence hold a lot of significance to the bride and groom. These rituals are var-mala ceremony, saat phere, kanyadaan, maag bharai and the mangalsutra.

The relevance of the mandap is held of very high esteem in India. The wedding mandap is a canopy structured with the help of four pillars. These four pillars imply the parents of the bride and groom who have been the strength and support and also signify that they will continue to be so. This mandap is set up in the house of the bride if the venue is her house. Otherwise, it is set up in the wedding venue. It is in this canopy that the forever union of two souls happens.

The decoration of the mandap is also very important. The traditional way of decorating it is by using marigold flowers. This decoration with flowers is unavoidable as it is known to be very prosperous and also bring luck. Marigold flower garlands are hung in a fashionable manner. The traditional weddings generally have the theme of marigold flowers. Even rose and jasmine are used. Apart from the flowers, the traditional colors widely used are red and orange. These dark colors are also a great option for evening weddings.

If you have chosen a western theme, then you could opt for light colored flowers like lilies, orchids and carnations for the Asian wedding mandap decorations. This type of decoration is most suited for day-light weddings. To give the mandap a more exotic look, you can choose to use cloth drapes. Generally done in silk, the modern types also use chiffon and cotton cloth which adds to the elegance. But make sure that it compliments with the colour of flowers you are using. The background of the mandap is the centre of attraction and thus should be decked the best possible way.
The mandap also comes in different sizes which will depend on the number of guests. The lighting has to be appropriate to the surrounding and should also gel with the decorations. The flooring also gains attention from the guests. Give a contrasting look by choosing distinct colours for the carpet, additionally, the line carpets should also be chosen with equal care.

A set of two furniture pieces is needed for the bride and groom to sit for the marriage ceremony. Make seating arrangements keeping your guest list in mind. Make extra seating arrangements for emergency. Do not leave your guests searching for a place.
Thus, the Asian wedding mandap can also be given a look of westernization.

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