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The wedding stage, meant for seating the bride and the groom, is the most attractive element in the mandap. The stage is placed in front of the mandap backdrop which is decorated lush with fresh flowers and drapes. The furniture placed on the stage is very much a part of the stage décor and you can have various options to go with your liking, not to mention the rest of the décor or theme in the mandap. The wedding stage also seats extra furniture for friends and family members to socialise with the bride and groom. Since in most of the bride and groom photographs they are seen on the stage, it is important that the wedding stage be planned carefully.

Planning a wedding stage for an Asian wedding:

• Theme – If you intend to have a themed wedding, it gets highlighted in the stage décor. The theme will influence the backdrop draping, flowers you use, colour combinations and furniture styles on and around the stage. The style and design of the stage will also vary according to the theme.

• Flowers – Most of the décor can be done with flowers. They cover most of the décor and around the stage; the flowers used are generally favourites of the bride and the groom. The three primary ways to use flower decors are in strings, bouquets and petals.

• Props – Traditional ways of decorating include the usage of props like kalash and rangoli in Indian weddings. To add ethnicity to the event, Bandhani drapes are also used around the stage.

• Lighting – To add to the flare, suitable lighting can be used to highlight the stage. It is advisable that you discuss the lighting for the stage to match with the rest of the mandap. Decorators should know well in advance what the surrounding décor and ambience will be.

• Colours – Red, golden and silver are said to be the colours for an auspicious event. You may also base your theme on a particular colour or combination of colours. Using traditional candles and lanterns are also a way to bring the colours alive. In such cases, red-white and red-golden combinations are suitable.

• Charges for the décor – You should clarify the break up of stage decoration with your decorator. Flowers and drapes may be charged extra apart from the stage and furniture. Certain venues, especially hotels and reception halls may have in-house all inclusive offers.

You may want an idea of how various decorators have been doing stage décor. It is advisable that you ask for a layout of the decorator’s portfolio so that you can have a fair idea from the various designs and styles to match with your theme or the rest of the décor. Colour and design variations, with a touch of modernism may be advisable if you intend to add your personal touch, making it a bit different from the prevalent traditional styles. A reputed decorator, knowing your taste, can make your dream stage a reality.

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