Asian Weddings On A Budget

The main services provided on the wedding day are by the catering team. Ensuring a good catering team is almost half the work done especially if they are the in-house caterers of the venue. Wedding caterers usually serve different packages of catering to suit all kinds of budget. It is advisable that you discuss well in advance the possible arrangements within your budget, helping the planning get easier for the caterers. Choosing the venue according to your budget is also important, but higher priority should be given to the quality of catering. Venues with ordinary in-house catering services are never advisable.

Ways to keep the wedding expenditure within budget

• Number of guests – Catering charges mainly depends on the number of heads invited in all for all days of the celebration. Knowing your budget constraints, the caterer will prepare the services accordingly as there may be varied number of guests on different days/events. Lesser number of heads on a particular day(s) surely cuts down on the expenditure.

• Food service methods – A buffet system for meals is a less expensive affair than the sit-down tables system. The buffet system, however, must be manned well enough to serve all guests. An economical way to go about the food service is also to avoid traditional courses and include a simple meal with delicious food. As long as it fills the appetite, meals are not a concern.

• Venue selection – You must be sure that the number of guests you are inviting really needs to be accommodated in a reception venue. Guests may be received in your house garden, and served a relaxed buffet.

• Decoration – Even though on a tight budget, you may end up getting an elegant looking venue not needing much decor. Your decorator needs to be told about your budget. Reputed decorators should be able to do up a classy decor with minimum usage of materials keeping your expenditure well within budget.

• Service expenses – For every service that you hire, they may be manned by more than one person, all of whom will charge. While planning the wedding ceremony, it is advisable that you make sure which of the available services are essential for the wedding.

• Catering service at home – Arranging a buffet spread at home may not be all that easy a task for a family. In Asian weddings, busy proceedings can make things difficult. Experienced caterers are advisable for convenience and staying within budget.

• Music and dance – You may feel that a DJ is not necessary for excellent entertainment. A DJ session is not prevalent in most traditional Asian weddings as the entertainment sessions are usually conducted by family members and guests.

Asian weddings include many extensive rituals and customs over a number of days. At times, a themed wedding which is completely untraditional may curtail your expenditure. However, most people wouldn’t want to do away with customs, which is where the above points can be of good help.

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