Asian Weddings On A Budget

Asian weddings have become the talk of the town. It is because they are just so stupendous. They are draped in colours right from the wedding stage to mandap. How to organize the wedding without an Asian planner who knows how everything has to be done? Generally, the events in an Asian wedding last for a week. All these events have to be planned and organized well so that no problems are caused when everything is about to happen. These events are imbibed in fun and frolic and reflect the extravagance of the couple. Catering services are an important part of an Asian wedding. Asian food is so eclectic that only caterers know what’s best for a marriage. They should be experts in provision of every kind of cuisine, be it south Indian, Chinese, Italian and mughlai. The feast of the wedding has to be prepared properly for feeding guests. Apart from catering, music is also an essential component. Rocking bollywood numbers or sensous Latin America songs, all should be a part of the DJ.

An Asian wedding planner can be of an enormous help since he knows the arrangements to be made. From props and flowers to be used on the stage to the lighting, he can accommodate all the needs on time. He can also adjust your needs for a wedding theme by making sure that the furniture of the marriage goes with it. The furniture can consist of comfortable sofas and cane chairs. Wedding songs make the flavor of the occasion at the time of the departure of the bride. The crowd prefers favorite songs so that they can do bhangra and dandia comfortably. Dance is a part of wedding celebrations right from pre marriage rituals to post marriage reception. Even sangeet and mehendi ceremonies are not complete without dance. Dhols accompany the arrival of barat to the venue of the marriage ceremony.

Professional dancers have also become a part of such wedding ceremonies now. The wedding needs to be organised carefully. Mandap where the pheras are held also needs to be adorned with flowers like white lilies. It should be decked with the right cloth because the wedding hymns are chanted here. The same holds true for the car in which the groom departs with the bride. Its surface needs to be decorated with beautiful flowers. Proper arrangements for reception of groom and his family should be done. An Asian wedding planner only can only make all these arrangements. Marriages are also accompanied with much music. Even shehnai (trumpet) has to be arranged as a part of the wedding music. For any help on organising Asian weddings on the budget, you can reach out to the several wedding organisers available online.

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