Choosing A Mandap For Your Asian Wedding

In Asian weddings the mandap is a canopy inside which the wedding ceremony is held including a series of rituals and customs signifying the union of the newly wedded couple. Various Asian communities follow different patterns in their mandaps. Though primarily meant for the wedding ceremony only, in recent times mandaps are used for conducting pre-wedding events as well.

A few tips on choosing your mandap:

Size of the mandap – The size of the mandap will have to be decided by you and the mandap maker depending on how many guests you intend to accommodate.

Colours – A wedding mandap is usually decorated with bright colours. Some of the colours for auspicious occasions like weddings and festivals are said to be to be red, golden and silver. Other bright colours like pink and green may be eye-catching and you can use your choice of colours depending on the theme you are planning.

Decoration – Apart from hangings, you may use artificial or fresh flowers like jasmine, marigold and rose. Bunches of roses and hanging garlands are the prevalent ways to decorate in Hindu weddings. For a modernized look to your mandap, you may use netted drapes and more silver in the decoration, and fresh flowers like lilies or orchids.

Material of drapes – It is usually done in silk. However, you may not choose silk if you have a theme that doesn’t go with silk. Some other materials may be jute, chikan or any even cotton depending on your liking and suitability. Lighter shades may be more suitable for a daylight scene.

The backdrop of the mandap – This is the portion of the mandap that a person entering the mandap notices first. The backdrop of the mandap should be lush with exotic flowers. Heavier bunches of flowers towards the middle of the backdrop makes the mandap more attractive.

Lighting inside the mandap – Lighting plays the most crucial role in making the mandap look attractive. Placing the lights and knowing what kind of lights you want to use is a must. You may want to specify all details to the decorator. The colours of the décor also influence your choice of the colour of lights.

Lighting outside the mandap – Lighting outside the mandap is advised to be sufficient for guests moving in as most Asian wedding ceremonies are night events. The style of lighting you will want to use should be something that makes your mandap look more attractive than usual.

Carpeting – Use a colour for the carpet that conforms to the décor or you may want to go for some eye-catching contrast that is not too distractive as it covers a large area. Lining the carpets and mark-making for walkers must be done carefully.

Furniture – The mandap furniture for the wedding couple and seating arrangements for the guests should not look out of place. To avoid furniture that does not match with the décor, the decorators should be consulted in advance.

With all these in place and perfectly co-ordinated you will have a beautiful mandap for the wedding ceremony.

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