Choosing Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are not compulsory in Hindu and Islamic weddings. However, if you intend to have a themed wedding, or even a traditional one, a wedding cake can be the most attractive bit of the occasion. Planning a cake for an Asian wedding, you will have the option of discussing the essence of the occasion with the confectionary staff so that they can deliver exactly what suits the wedding ceremony. The wedding cake can be based on a general wedding theme or the theme you may have chosen for the ceremony.

How to go about choosing the right cake:

• Primarily, the number of invitees should be good enough to decide how big you want the wedding cake to be. However, it is customary to have a cake that is big, and looks like it’s made to be a symbol of love and togetherness. The look, again, must conform to the theme of your wedding.

• It is important to mention to the baker that you want aesthetic value addition on the cake apart from it filling everyone’s appetite. In case you intend on accentuating the height of the wedding cake, multiple tiers are the best option, and it provides for various options in flavour. Mehndi-themed cakes are readily available for Hindu and Islamic weddings.

• Choose a design that conforms to the essence of your wedding ceremony and/or the theme of your wedding. Most bakers are flexible when it comes to making new designs. You can go at it with your personal touch and a creative bend making sure it is delicious at the same time.

o Charges for hand made decorations on the cake
o Try and limit hand made decorations. It is always better to have delicious bits that look perfectly crafted.
o Extra money for cake stands, icing and fillings may be charged by the baker.
o Be sure with the deposit scheme and the break-up of the total charge. It is also important to be sure about the dates of payment and delivery.

• You may want to look at previous cakes the baker has delivered. Ask for photographs or a portfolio to judge if that is the standard you are looking for.

• Ingredients of the wedding cake can be different from the usual confectionary cakes to suit certain Asian tongues. In Indian weddings, the inclusion of Indian sweets and flavours may be an option.

Winter wedding cakes in UK:

Your dream wedding cake can easily be turned into reality by a good baker. In the UK Asian wedding cakes are quite popular and are readily available. It is usually advised that you order and plan your wedding cake with the baker a month in advance. Some Asian weddings are mostly scheduled in winter. The advantage of having wedding cakes in winter is that winter is considered an off wedding season in the UK. The rush is low and you can load the bakers with all your fantasies on how the dream cake will be.

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