Choosing Wedding Entertainment

Wedding is one of the most important moments of a person’s life. Every person wants to make it a memorable event for all those involved. It includes the new couple as well as the guests. When it comes to choosing the entertainment for a wedding, particularly in Asia, most of the weddings have some kind of musical entertainment to provide for dance and music. The occasion can be made musical either by hiring a DJ or a band.

Hiring a DJ
- Most people prefer a DJ as a DJ plays the music at the rhythm that you would want. There are various reasons attached for this choice. A DJ will give the sound effects customized as per the requirements of the client. A DJ takes care of the budget for most people as it will cost much less than a band. Also, it will take into consideration any changes in the types of music that you want for your big day.

Last but the least, a DJ is able to give the same effect to the music as a band. A DJ will give the exact music that the client wishes. On the other hand, a band is more expensive and may not be able to accommodate al that the client wishes. The music that a band plays is an interpretation of the music that a client wants, which may not be very effective. There may be times when the band does not have an experience for playing at weddings.

Deciding the first song
- It is always a good practice to decide the first song for the occasion much in advance. It gives the couple an opportunity to prepare for the first dance well before the big day. It the couple knows the song in advance, they can rehearse the steps together and make it a special moment. It sets the tempo for the occasion. On the contrary, if the couple is not aware of the first song, they may feel uneasy. At times, they may not even know how long the song will last and that may make them uncomfortable. To avoid all such situations, it is better to tell the DJ about the first song so that it sets the right mod for everyone present at the wedding.

For guests who do not wish to dance
- Music is definitely one of the most important aspects of a wedding entertainment. However, there may be people who do not want to dance or do not know many people at the wedding. To take care of entertainment of such guests, it is a good idea to include some other forms of entertainment.

For example, there may be some pony rides arranged for the kids at the function. Some people may choose to have a magician at the venue. The magician will keep all the guests, irrespective of the age, entertained for a long time. This magician will move around the tables of the guests and keep them entertained with sophisticated magic routines and give a special touch to the occasion. The guests will always remember the joy and excitement of a special wedding.

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