Choosing A Wedding Venue

Selecting a venue for your wedding is one of the very few things to base your wedding plan on, the other primary factors happen to be your budget and the number of invitees you expect. As an Asian celebrating your wedding in the UK, you will be requiring a wedding venue that will suffice for the various cultural events and rituals. The time for which you will hire the venue will also be different from Christian weddings that are more prevalent in the UK. A venue suited for celebrations for more than a couple of days should be more appropriate for Asian weddings.

Depending mainly on all these factors, the venue you tentatively choose will definitely need to be inspected by you. What are the factors you should have in mind? Here goes…

Location of the venue(s) – The easier it is to find, the easier it will be for guests to turn up without much stress. A no complaint reception is after all a success. If the reception venue is different from the religious ceremony venue, they should at least be easily found without having to understand too much explanation.

Parking arrangements – It is obvious that the number of guest cars will be way below the number of your invitees. There should be enough parking arrangement made for that within your hired premises.

Adequate lavatory and restroom facilities – Primary importance must be given to convenience of your guests to avoid making it a less memorable occasion, especially for the elderly.

If you expect children to attend the ceremony - It is important that you ask for a place for them to be able to run around away from important proceedings. High chairs are also an important facility for the kids when they have their meals.

Local rules and laws – You must check if the kind of ceremony you will hold is going to be permissible under the local rules and laws of the area. Certain residential areas may not be okay with late hours.

Will decoration be a part of the package when you are hiring the venue? Some venue administrations may decide to do so without extra charge.

Does the venue have its own catering and/or entertainment provisions – The quality of entertainment always adds to the flare of an auspicious occasion. Indian and Arab weddings are known to be filled with a lot of singing and dancing. Most of the fun in Asian wedding is felt in such events making it memorable for your invitees.

Outdoor space and the weather – If you are planning to use outdoor space during proceedings of the ceremony, as is the case with most Asian weddings – mainly for cooking if the weather is not too bad – you must be convinced about what they plan to do.

That done, you will leave very little required to do for the venue to be a success.

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