Choosing A Wedding Videographer

It is quite common for most weddings to be filmed so that the day can be cherished forever. Asian weddings are lush with rituals, rites and customs which make it all the more exciting to film and watch. Choosing the wedding videographer should be a carefully carried out process, and it makes a lot of difference if you are able to get the right person on the job. You wouldn’t want your videographer to miss the smallest of details which matter, and the same goes for the broader emotions and colours of the ceremony.

Some tips for choosing a wedding videographer -

Familiarity with the ethnic essence - Emotions are an important element in any wedding video. You may want to know if the video maker is aware and sensitive about rituals, and the emotions attached with them.

Familiarity with the venue – You may ask if the video maker has shot films in the venue before. In case he/she has, it will be easier for him/her to manage the shooting. In case you are looking for the best quality final video, this is an important point to keep in mind.

Calibre – It is always suggested that you hire a professional with experience who can add that extra bit to make it a wonderful piece of memoir.

Sample videos – You may want to see sample videos of the film-maker to judge if his style suits the flavour of your wedding ceremony. For Asian weddings in the UK, it should be noted that the ambience is different from the ones in which the video maker has filmed before.

Professional equipments – You will want to know the entire set up and what the video maker intends to highlight.

o Camera – Manned or remote controlled? Manned cameras provide more creativity and the remote controlled ones are meant for shots where the subject actions are predictable.
o Lights – Usually a photographer films weddings in the available light. A low lighting ambience makes it too difficult to film. You may again want to know if the extra lighting requested by the videographer would affect your ambience.
o Audio – You would want to ensure that the videos have excellent sound quality.

Details –

o Is the video maker planning to conduct a shooting where he will interact with your guests or will he shoot the proceedings discreetly

o Understand the break up of the charges for shooting the wedding

o Will there be a written contract or not

o Different packages may be on offer. Some for shooting only selective events of the wedding. You can ask about them in case you feel a full length shooting is unnecessary.

o Clarify about charges for additional copies of the final video.

To make sure all goes well:

For Asian weddings in the UK, it is advisable that you remember that the video maker may be unfamiliar with rituals, cultural essences and proceedings of the wedding ceremony. Close friends and other invitees to the ceremony may be briefed about the video maker’s possible requirements. This will go a long way to help the videographer in filming the beautiful event.

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