Christian Weddings

The Christians regard marriage as an irrevocable contract between a man and woman to be united for the rest of their lives. They regard marriage as a form of worship and believe it to be intended by God for the happiness and welfare of mankind. Christian weddings are usually held in a church amidst much joy and celebrations. Similar to the other Asian weddings, Christian marriages too have their rituals and customs to be followed. The family and friends of the bride and the groom participate eagerly in the festivities.

Traditionally the bride is dressed in a white gown and wears a white veil over her head. She also wears a tiara and carries a bouquet of flowers in her hand. At times the bride wears a sari with a veil covering her head. The groom is attired in a western suit.

Among the pre wedding rituals is the bridal shower. This is an enjoyable party that is held at the bride's house. The friends and family members of the bride participate in this with much enthusiasm. It is basically a female get together and is enlivened by singing, dancing and celebrations. The girl is blessed with gifts by the people present. At this event the girl serves cake to the guests. The fun part is that there is a thimble that is hidden in the cake. It is believed that the girl who gets this would be the one to get married next. Simultaneously a bachelor's party is held at the house of the boy. It is hosted for the male friends of the groom-to-be. This is supposed to mark the end of the bachelorhood of the boy. It is held to enjoy and have fun with friends.

On the wedding day there are certain simple rituals that are observed. The bridegroom sends a car for the bride and he waits for her arrival at the wedding venue. When she comes at the venue she is first greeted by the best man with flowers. The groom and the bride then walk up the aisle accompanied by the guests of the wedding.

The priest conducts the wedding by reading verses from the bible. The wedding mass is conducted and the priest gives a homily on the sanctity and importance of marriage. This is followed by the exchange of marriage vows and wedding rings by the couple. The rings are blessed by the priest and symbolize the everlasting faith and love between the pair. The wedding ceremony comes to a conclusion with the blessings of the priest. The guests then bless the couple and give them their best wishes. The newly weds then sign the register and walk down the aisle as man and wife.

The wedding ceremony is followed by a grand reception that is held at the honor of the bride and the groom. As they enter the reception they are welcomed by a shower of confetti. The couple then cut a cake and feed each other. A toast is raised in honor of the newly weds. This is followed by dance and an elaborate meal for the guests. The wedding festivities thus come to an end and the couple looks forward to spending a beautiful life with each other.

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