Sonal & Jason Dourado

Having Occasianz/Sat (our event manager) plan our wedding was one the best decisions we’ve ever made. We had a civil wedding, an Indian wedding and a reception all on one day, and to say it was a dream come true – would be an understatement. I find it difficult to express just how professional, friendly and thoughtful Sat is…no idea we had was impossible, and at all points during our meetings, new ideas, alternative suggestions were made that in turn saved us £££, without the level of quality being compromised!! For anyone getting married and thinking of using an event manager/company – honestly use Occasianz…!! Out of 4 companies my partner and I went to see, Occasianz were the ONLY ones more interested in us, than the money that was to be made. They are the hardest working team I have met and strive at all lengths to make the day a dream!! 3 months on (though it feels like years already!!) and I still have family coming over to say what an breath-taking day it was!! I can’t thank you guys enough for making our wedding the best day of our lives
Sonal & Jason Dourado | Asian Wedding Ceremony and Reception
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