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So you’ve just got engaged and this time next year you’ll be walking down the aisle.  But between now and then lies a world of planning, scheduling and decision making. 

OccAsianZ Introduction
OccAsianZ Introduction

Who We Are - Asian Wedding Planners and Event Mana

Asian Wedding Planning and Coordination

Forget the stress, hire the best..

It is said that marriages happen in heaven. This is very true as most of us do consider the day of marriage as the most important day in our life. We would try to celebrate it as beautiful as we could so that the memories of the celebration last forever in our life.

Asian Wedding Planner
Questions to Ask Your Asian Wedding Planner

So now you’ve decided to use an Asian Wedding Planner to organise your big day.  But how do you choose?  Wherever you live, there will be more than one, and in some cases, many companies to choose from.  If you have a word of mouth

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