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Planning your wedding on your own could prove to be a costly affair. However, there are many ways of bringing down the costs. One of the best ways is to hire an Asian wedding organiser.

These organisers follow a systematic way of planning out the ceremonies, rituals, and the costs. They have enough experience to handle such issues and are professionally trained for this purpose.

They will first consider your budget after which they will suggest you the theme and venue of the wedding. A luxurious and perfect wedding is not always an expensive one. You can also have your organiser to plan your wedding at a beach side. This is also economical.

Once the venue and date are fixed, your organiser will help you to prepare your guest list. Here you will have to remember that you don’t just spend for your guest’s meal. You will also be required to spend on wedding favors and invitations. Hence, longer the guest list more is the expenses. Therefore, keep your budget in mind while preparing the guest list. The organiser will be able to advice you regarding its price.
Let your wedding organiser book the venue for you. This will reduce your cost as these organizers have a good business relationship with the venue owners who provide them discounts. Similarly, let him handle the food menu and its contracts. If you intend to hold a wedding party, inform your organiser before hand. They also have professionals who perform for such parties and you can save on the rehearsal time. The decoration of the wedding venue is also taken care by the organiser and comes out with the best service. This can be done either traditionally or westernised according to your wedding theme.

After the venue is booked, the organiser will get the invitation cards printed after getting the design approved from you. You just have to distribute them.
Often an Indian wedding is a very lengthy and tiresome affair with five continuous days of rituals and ceremonies. You cannot plan out every single thing by yourself. Hence, it is best to let a wedding organiser to handle it. He will help you to perform all these activities well within the reach of your budget. He will take care of everything starting from the selection of dresses for the groom and bride to the decorations of the wedding venue.

OccAsianZ is one such Asian wedding organiser who provides all the products and services related. It specialises in Indian weddings as well as other Asian weddings.
Once you have hired an Asian wedding organiser, you can relax and enjoy your wedding peacefully. They provide tailor-made services to each of their clients because they realise that each one is unique.

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