Sanji, translated means an opportunity for the bride’s and groom’s families to be further acquainted over an evening of dance, music and fun. It is more prevalent in Indian weddings and originates mainly as a Gujrati tradition. Sanji runs through the whole evening and possibly into the night.

Today, people in UK are crazy about Asian weddings. This has led to a huge spurt in the interest for these weddings.

Planning your wedding on your own could prove to be a costly affair. However, there are many ways of bringing down the costs. One of the best ways is to hire an Asian wedding organiser.

These organisers follow a systematic way of planning out the ceremonies, rituals, and the costs. They have enough experience to handle such issues and are professionally trained for this purpose.

It is true that wedding only comes once in life. So, why not enjoy the occasion lavishly rather than perplexing yourself too much after the complexities of the event. It is necessary that you are able to remember what happened in the event. So, avoid mistakes, hire a wedding planner who possesses an umpteen amount of experience.

the big fat Asian wedding is one of the trendiest happening events all over the world. The weddings in Asia are considered a very sacred ritual and now it has also transformed into a modern affair. With this transformation the traditional weddings are no longer boring. There are great new Asian wedding ideas to add glamour and glitz.

Asian Wedding Planning and Coordination

Forget the stress, hire the best..

Indian weddings are one of the most ostentatious institutions in the world. No marriage ceremony in the world can be as glossy as the Indian wedding. It follows so many rituals. This is because an Indian wedding considers the ceremony as confluence of two souls rather than an event itself. Indian marriages are the most beautiful merger of tastes, celebrations and values.


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