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From setting up and decorating the Asian wedding venue to the ceremony itself, to the reception and the final packing up, your Event Manager can be on hand to ensure a smooth procession through the day. He’ll make sure timings are adhered to, that people are in the right place at the right time, and co-ordinate everything that needs to happen.

Event Managers responsibilities may include:

  • Greeting the various suppliers as they arrive and making them aware of their place in the schedule.
  • Assisting suppliers with set-up and last minute details.
  • Reviewing all the arrangements and numbers with the caterers.
  • Ensuring that waiting and bar staff are in the right place, appropriately dressed and going about their duties throughout the day.
  • Managing the hostesses.
  • Overseeing each element of the wedding and reception such as the bride and groom’s entrance, the cake cutting, the first dance, the photography, the blessing and the timing and order of the speeches and toasts.
  • Assisting and running errands for the bride and groom.
  • Handling queries and problems arising from the suppliers or guests.
  • Checking the booking for the bride and groom’s hotel room for the night.
  • Ensuring out of town guests are checked in to their accommodation.
  • Undertaking the safe keep presents and personal belongings during the day and transferring them where appropriate at the end.
  • Settling balances with suppliers and the venue.
  • Co-ordinating guests’ transport if need be at the end of the evening and overseeing suppliers as they clear the venue.

These are all the things that will make your wedding a successful day but equally just the sort of thing you don’t want to have to deal with yourself.  By now, your Event Manager knows better than anyone else what your expectations are and they will be in the best position to deal with the venue and suppliers on your behalf.  When it comes to weddings, they’ve got the necessary experience to make things work.

So all you need to experience is the pleasure and joy of this very special moment.

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