Initial Consultation

It's good to talk...

The most important element of our relationships with our clients is communication and we want to talk to you from the very start.  That’s why we see your initial consultation as a vitally important part of the process.   Your first ideas will become our guidelines and you can start to explore exactly which of our services you might wish to use.

The first meeting...

This is how it works: once you’ve made an enquiry into commissioning our services we’ll schedule a meeting or telephone consultation with one of our Event Managers.  This generally lasts about an hour and in most instances takes place at our offices.  The discussions will cover the type of wedding you want, the budget you want to spend, the extent of the services you require and when it will all take place.  We’ll start exploring your initial thoughts with regard to location, the theme of your wedding and the level of assistance that might be necessary in the planning process.

On the agenda:

  • The proposed date of your wedding
  • Geographic location – will you be getting married close to home or would you consider a destination wedding?
  • The actual marriage ceremony
  • The number of guests you will be inviting
  • The type of venue you favour for each element of the wedding
  • Initial thoughts on themes and colours for your wedding decorations
  • Your budget – is it a fixed sum or will you spend what it takes to get the wedding you want?
  • The services you want OccAsianZ to undertake

This initial consultation is completely free of charge and leaves you under no obligation to use our services.  It is a way of getting to know each other and it allows us to demonstrate to you how we can help you.  (However, if our Event Manager has to travel to see you, we will ask you for a small fee to cover his or her travel expenses.)

Once we have had an initial consultation with you, your assigned Event Manager will put together a proposal, summarising our discussions and setting out a schedule of services and costs for you.

Your initial consultation is the first step of your journey towards a perfect wedding day

Organising your wedding may seem like a daunting task, but once you have OccAsianZ on board, it will be plain sailing.  We’ll be on hand to make the whole thing easy for you.

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