Why Hire An Asian Wedding Planner

Why Hire An Asian Wedding Planner

15 good reasons to hire an Asian Wedding Planner

If you’re trying to decide whether to hire a wedding planner or to run yourself into the ground organising your own wedding, take a run through our checklist and then see which seems like the best idea!

  1. Your wedding planner is a professional – arranging weddings is all they do, so they really are the experts at it.
  2. Your wedding planner will have a bulging address book full of contacts and suppliers for every aspect of the wedding – all available to save you from hours of research.
  3. Your wedding planner’s contacts are only in his or her book because they’ve already proved themselves to be reliable and good at what they do.  So no risk of second rate singers or dodgy catering.
  4. Using a wedding planner can actually save you money as they are skilled negotiators and know the going rate for all the different elements of the wedding.
  5. Organising a wedding without expert help is going to be incredibly stressful.  Save yourself the grey hairs by having a trusted advisor.
  6. Is your mother’s cousin really the best person to bake the cake?
  7. Your wedding planner will know of all the latest trends in wedding styles and themes.
  8. Only an Asian wedding planner will be sensitive to the cultural traditions you want to observe for your wedding ceremony.
  9. Having your wedding planner on hand throughout the big day will ensure smooth running – and if any problems do arise, you’ll know that they will be safely taken care of.
  10. Your Asian wedding planner can take control of the budget, making sure that none of the costs run over, while still delivering the wedding of your dreams.
  11. You can assign whichever tasks you like to your wedding planner, from the total wedding package to just those elements that you need help with.
  12. Your Asian wedding planner can also make all the bookings for your honeymoon travel and sort out the all important hen and stag parties.
  13. Your wedding planner won’t forget anything – no more nightmares about arriving at the wedding and realising you forgot to book the photographer, the cake, the catering, the dress...   Rest assured, everything will be in place.
  14. Whatever you want, your planner will know where to get it.  Even if it’s something out of the ordinary – wedding planners are used to dealing with extreme requests.
  15. When everyone around you is giving you conflicting advice, your wedding planner will help you through.  Diplomatic, charming and authoritative, he or she will calm frayed tempers and help everyone arrive at the ideal solution.

So a good Asian Wedding Planner can be worth their weight in gold and there’s no better way of making sure the wedding you plan is the wedding of your dreams.

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