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Some people have a talent for planning – they love logistics, they have an eye for detail, they never forget things and their boundless energy and enthusiasm makes short work of long lists.  These are the people we employ as our Event Managers and their skill and experience is the most valuable asset of our business.

Planning an Asian wedding is no mean feat.  It takes time, energy, diligence and knowledge.  To try to do this on your own can be a stressful experience, made all the more difficult because you want your special day to be nothing less than perfect.   And a large Asian wedding has so many different elements to it, involving so many different decisions and hours of research into each potential supplier.

Put your planning in the hands of a professional...

Our Event Managers plan Asian weddings for a living.  They have time to do all the legwork because this is their job.  They know the Asian wedding industry, they know the suppliers, they know what works and they know how to bring it all together. When you’re feeling under pressure, they can take up the slack and reassure you that every thing’s in hand.  It’s the easiest way to stay calm in the weeks running up to your big day.

Here's why you need us...

  • Our Event Managers are the best Asian Wedding Planners in the business, with years of experience and a genuine passion for what they do.  They love Asian weddings and it’s their mission to ensure you get the wedding you’ve always wanted.  Along the way they’ll become your trusted advisor with plentiful words of wisdom for those difficult decisions.
  • Over the years OccAsianZ has built up a large portfolio of trusted suppliers; we know who the best photographers are, we know where to find the most obscure of our customers’ requirements.  We are in the ideal position to organise your wedding from initial concept to final completion and we’ve certainly saved many couples from making costly mistakes.  Our reputation for excellence allows us to pick and choose from the highest quality suppliers and gives us the power to negotiate the best available rates.
  • Want to know the most valuable skill that all our wedding planners possess?  They listen.  Tell them what you want – it’s your wedding after all and the only measure of their success is how happy you are with things on the day.  In other words, your perfect wedding is their perfect wedding and while they might make suggestions to enhance your vision, the final decisions are always down to you.
  • The teams at OccAsianZ are the best in the business.  They are fully dedicated to saving you time, money and stress and to delivering each and every client the best day of their lives.

Still not convinced you will need an Asian wedding planner?..

If you’re trying to decide whether or not to hire an Asian wedding planner or to run yourself into the ground organising your own wedding, take a browse at our "Asian Wedding Planners" or "Why Use An Asian Wedding Planner" pages and then see which seems like the best idea!

OccAsianZ can organise your whole wedding from initial concept to the day itself, or we can just become involved in certain aspects. Request a FREE consultation with OccAsianZ today and find out more about how our services can be tailored to your needs!

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